Rules of Engagement


Getting down on one knee and surprising the love of your life with an engagement ring that blows her away is the epitome of fairy tale and tradition when it comes to popping the question. And there is no doubt that in terms of sentiment and significance, a bespoke ring is the ultimate in romantic gestures.  But many men find themselves in a quandary when it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring, and it’s not surprising; girls can be fussy, most are very particular, and almost all will have a level of taste and style that they will rarely (if ever) compromise on.  Modern society places huge pressure on men to propose with the ring and many feel that proposing with anything less would be a disappointment.  

Except let’s be realistic. Sometimes choosing a ring without her input is just not the right thing to do. And that’s fine. In fact, it’s more than fine, because it means that she can be part of the bespoke design journey.  And don’t underestimate how special this is – designing an engagement ring together is an unforgettable experience, and it is one of the greatest gifts you could give.  Not only will you create the perfect ring, but worn forever it will always be an expression of the journey you have shared, and the story of its creation will be something to treasure.

So whilst you don’t have to propose with the ring, to make your proposal truly great you do need to propose with something.  And it just involves a little thinking outside of the conventional engagement ring box. To guarantee you start your newly engaged life together on the right foot, we’ve put together three proposal options, each as beautiful and romantic as surprising her with the ring. 

Bespoke Engagement Rings
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Bespoke Proposal


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Diamond Proposal

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Heirloom Proposal

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