Engagement Ring Proposal Heirloom

Heirloom Proposal

Proposing with an heirloom ring is a wonderfully romantic gesture, full of poignant emotion and memories.  These one of a kind treasures, expertly crafted by hand using intricate techniques reflect a period of time gone by, and tell a story of their past.

But, timeworn antique jewellery that has been lovingly worn can present itself in varying conditions, and while the design of many rings look as fresh today as they did a hundred years ago, others may require some refashioning to make them more wearable.

So, if you’re lucky enough to have a ring from yester-year, but you’re not confident enough to know that she will love the design, why not propose with the heirloom ring - but with the option to use the beautiful antique diamond or gemstone to create something new and meaningful together. This way you capture the essence of the original piece, but give it a new life of its own, ready for the story to start all over again.