Engagement Ring Proposing

Diamond Proposal

The journey of a diamond is truly remarkable; its true origins beginning billions of years ago, long before dinosaurs ever existed. Through a combination of high temperature and pressure hundreds of miles below the earth’s surface, tiny diamond crystals began to grow inside the earth. And it was there that they stayed, locked in place, until through a series of volcanic eruptions they broke through the surface of the earth. 

Just like snowflakes, no two diamonds are the same. Their tiny inclusions and individual colour provide clues about what happened in deep earth billions of years ago, each one a tiny time capsule. The gift of a diamond is one of romance and true generosity, and a diamond that has been chosen by you above all others for its expression and its beauty, will forever be a reflection of your love.

Selecting a diamond is a highly personal experience - whether an unusual cut, a fancy colour or a stone of flawless clarity - Catherine will guide you through the process of finding the perfect stone for your engagement ring in a relaxed and welcoming environment.  Your diamond is beautifully presented in a glass fronted case to ensure it is displayed in all its beauty, ready for the moment you simply open the box and utter those four magic words. Inside the presentation box you will also find an invitation to attend an appointment with Catherine to begin the magical journey to turn your diamond into the perfect engagement ring.